AstraSync and Blackberry: Could it get any better?

Most all of my clients have either a BlackBerry or an iPhone. 
And almost all of them use Microsoft Exchange.  This is not going
to be a compare and contrast of who is better: the BlackBerry or
the iPhone.  Of couse the iPhone has ActiveSync integrated into the
OS if you have the Enterprise Data Plan from your Wireless
Provider.  But now there is an equalizer, AstraSync enters the
picture.  AstraSync allows for you to synchronize your BlackBerry
with your Exchange server without having to Install BlackBerry
Enterprise Server or its free counterpart.  AstraSync is like
ActiveSync for the BlackBerry.  It allows you to get and recieve
Exchange Email, it updates your calendar and your contacts, you can
flag messages and add attatchments.  Pretty slick if you ask me. 
Also, what I hear is that you do not have to upgrade your phone to
the Enterprise Data Plan to be able to use it.  You can just get an
unlimited data plan with your provider and away you go.  The
software costs $49 per year and is well worth it when you look at
your savings from not having to have an Enterprise Data Plan.  They
also offer a free trial so that you can get your feet wet with to
see if you really want it.  Just use the link below to give it a

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  1. says

    Thanks for posting this… I tried this on a corporate user whose BU did not want to buy in on the BES service we provide. We charge every BU a cost to offset license and server. I downloaded this application and connected an 8310 to ActiveSync. It is seamless and updates similar to iPhone. Happy times! Thanks…. H.

  2. davidshoffitt says

    Well, we are talking about a Blackberry….

    Blackberry’s have gotten behind in the mobile device

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