SharePoint now available on your iPhone via Moshare

Microsoft is trying to kill public folders and make everyone go to SharePoint.  As far as mobile access to SharePoint went, it was rather bad.  Text only or a really small screen of the SharePoint page. Today I needed a way to make SharePoint pretty on an iPhone.  Basically more elegant than the text only version.  After some research, I found Moshare.

Right now the program is free to download and use via the App Store.  I downloaded, installed and configured in under 10 minutes.  

The drawback I see is that all information is read only.  Which, let us be honest, if you are using your iPhone to access the site, do you really want to do more than read the info?  

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  1. says

    Thanks for your feedback
    Jody. We have a version with editing features we will be submitting
    to the store soon. Editing of Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks will be
    available – the items that are easy to edit on small screens. Our
    iPad version will offer document editing.

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