About TSG

Not Your Typical IT Company

The Strickland Group learned what differentiates our company from other IT service providers: We like technology, but we're passionate about making our customers successful.  Some of our customers have been with us since we opened for business in 2001. Many of our employees have been with us since … [Read More...]

Bridge to Nowhere?

Do you have a plan for where your business is headed? How about your technology? Does your current IT Vendor have a plan for how your network is going to keep pace with your business over the next few years?  Do they meet with you regularly to discuss your strategy and what is currently happening … [Read More...]

5 Things We Do Better!

1. We do not make every customer work the same way.  We customize a solution for you.  Some of our customers want flexible and creative environments; others need a rigid workflow; some are very time sensitive.  No matter what your environment we will work with your leaders to provide the right … [Read More...]

Are you frustrated with your current IT provider?

You want your computers and network running 24x7. When something goes wrong you want your support to be there....WE WILL! Our Fort Worth based Network Operations Center is ready to proactively manage your network so that you don't have to.