Microsoft Professional’s Start your Engines!

So okay, I wasn’t able to sleep so I started reading some email.
You kow trying to catch up on some inbox reading.  I then came
across my occasional MCP Flash email that told me about a new
online game.  It is a  Microsoft Professional Quiz Show style
game!  I know sounds geeky, but I figu re if you are reading my
blog you might be into this kind of thing.  Anyways, You can use
your passport login on Live ID whatever you have, and give it a
go.  If you login it will track your progress so that you can leave
and pick up where you left off later.  Also for me it was adictive,
and it points out what I need to brush up on (since this is my
career I figure I need to stay sharp). 

Questions Range from Easy, Medium, and Hard and it is timed when
you see your answer choices.  There are also some lifelines or as
they call them, “Vouchers” that you can use.  Questions topics
include but are not limited  to: Win 2008, 2003, Exchange 2007, Win
7, XP, and SQL 2005.  There could be more but I didn’t play for

The name of the game is Are You Certifiable?. 
And, here is the link:

If you want add me as a friend in the game, screen name: DRMILES

Happy Gaming!

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