iPad, kindle, or nook… the choice is really hard. Help me decide which e-book reader to get.

I WANT an e-book reader and I must have one!  I am tired of all
the books I buy and having to keep up with them.  I have broke down
my thoughts and would love any comments to help me finally


The kindle with its low price has me wanting to go that
direction more than any other.  I know what type of books I like to
read and amazon book store has most of the titles available for the
Kindle.  The e-ink and battery life of the new generation is very
attractive.  The big downside, I don’t get all the cool features of
the iPad.  Apps, web surfing and so on.


In my opinion, I feel like this is a very similar product to the
Kindle.  Barnes and Nobles saw the success of the Kindle, tweaked
and added some features and called in Nook.  To me, there just does
not seem to be enough originality to make me want to chose one over
the other.  Additionally, when I searched the BN site for books I
like to read, less were available for the nook than the Kindle.  I
welcome someone to prove me wrong on this one and bring up some
points I have missed.


Total awesomeness.  I want it!  But wait, reports I have read
say two things bad.  1. it’s not that great of a platform to read
books on.  2. because of the light it emits, the iPad is more like
watching TV than reading a book.  Meaning that my sure fire way of
getting sleepy, reading, now is going to keep me awake.  Apple’s
selection doesn’t seem to be that great right now (at least for the
books I like to read).  But it is Apple, that will change.  I can’t
remember that last time I bought music anywhere but iTunes.  We all
know Steve Jobs wish is for the same thing to happen with books and
media in general.  We are now saying, “what’s a CD?”, but Steve
Jobs wants us saying “What’s a book” or “What’s a Magazine”.    

Wrapping it up

What’s makes this the hardest for me to decide is that I am
cheap.  I want to be a cool kid and have an iPad.  But it’s the
most expensive option. My other issue in general is that a recent
report shows that people read much slower on the “ebooks” than real

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  1. Christopher Miller says

    Kindle has been a real
    winner in my house if you are looking for something just to read
    on. I bought my wife a Kindle last year while she was nursing our
    second child because it was so easy to hold. We fell in love with
    it. When Kindle dropped in price my wife told me to go get my own.
    :-) That being said why Kindle over iPad? Because all I wanted was
    an e-reader at a good price, with great portability, and can be
    read for hours without worry of battery life. Why Kindle over Nook?
    Besides the money invested in Amazon e-books that can not be shared
    on a Nook. At first I thought of the Nook because it is based on
    Android and being a fan that was a plus.:-) But when it boils down
    to devices, the touch screen is just fluff and it lagged. The
    Kindle out preforms the Nook 2 to 1 in page turn, battery life, and
    book count. Thats my two, three or four cents worth.;-)

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