Hate going to the bank to deposit a check, your iPhone has an app for that.

Disclaimer: not every bank has this setup yet,
my bank just happens to be leading the pack.  

I got my iPhone 4 about three weeks after it had been released.
  I am finally one of the cool kids and I do not have a blackberry
or windows phone anymore.  I installed my banking app and
remembered someone telling me that their app allowed depositing of
checks via the app by taking pictures.  Honestly, I thought this
was the most useful thing to do with the camera and the iPhone in

I get expense checks from time to time that are not direct
deposited and my bank has no local branches.  Previous to the
iPhone app, I had another bank locally, and I had authorized wire
transfers between the two.  But this still required me driving a
ways, depositing the check and then transfer the funds.  iPhone app
comes along and this is not a problem any more.  I choose mobile
deposit and take a picture of the front and back (which is signed
with and labeled for deposit only into my account).  Funds are
available immediately.  

To me, this is a game changer and should send banks into
examining why they have so many branches when a smart phone could
do a bulk of deposits for individuals.  Commercial deposits, well,
not every solution is a good fit to every problem.   

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