Dell and XenServer – So Happy Together

With all of the new features of XenServer 5.6, I have been very
excited about rolling it out.  There has been one thing though. 
OpenManage and XenServer haven’t been the best pals.  When we had
been trying to rollout any XenServer on a Dell Server, it seems
that we had to jump through hoops to make OpenManage work.  Well
Dell has really worked on being more XenServer Friendly and
released a Supplemental Pack for XenServer. 

A Supplemental Pack is an install package that can be
slipstreamed into the install of XenServer.  So if you were
installing XenServer you would simply start with the install CD,
then use the Linux Templates Supplemental CD, and then use the Dell
OpenManage CD when it asks for you to continue the install.  It is

I had to call Dell to get a copy of the ISO because it was not
yet available on the website.  Here is the link so that you too can
enjoy some Dell and Citrix Xen!


the way, Thank You! Johanness Far (Dell Enterprise Technical
Support Senior Analyst) for getting me the link. 


©2015 The Strickland Group, Inc.


  1. Marco says

    Hi David,
    What machine are you using? I’m using a PE2950 (II) – 9G hardware
    and am having issues with ‘dsm_sa_datamgrd’ segfaulting. I’ve been
    working on this issue with Ent support for a day now … they
    cannot reproduce this issue in the lab, however I’ve successfully
    reproduced this on 3 identical machines. :(

  2. davidshoffitt says

    I have installed on a
    PowerEdge 2970 (AMD Architecture). By next week, I will be
    installing on a 2950, and I will repost about my results.

  3. Marco says

    Dell has confirmed and
    replicated the issue now.
    PE2950 (II gen – 9G). Once they added the additional NIC card my
    machine has in it, they see the same issue. Dual Port Server NIC –
    Originally ordered and provided by Dell 82571EB Gigabit Ethernet
    Controller I am now also seeing segfaults of multipathd … that’s
    a bit concerning! BTW, the 2970 isn’t supported by Dell for OMSA
    6.3 for XenServer. Source:

  4. davidshoffitt says

    I spoke with Dell about a
    month ago on the supported versions of OMSA on specific servers and
    they cleared up the mud a little bit on this. The reason it is not
    supported is because they did not test on the AMD architecture.
    Upon speaking with a different Dell technician about this he
    explained that it doesn’t mean that it will not work, it just means
    that they do not guarantee that it will work.

  5. Franz says

    we had the same problem width Open manage 6.2 and Xenserver 5.6.
    Then we installed Dell Open Manage 6.3 on Xenserver 5.6 . But it
    didnt worked until we updated the firmware of the following
    components: – DRAC – PERC5/i – BIOS – Backplane – Network After
    updating the network card everithing worked fine. maybe it was only
    necessary to update the NIC-Firmware.

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