Citrix High Availabilty

Some people will try to tell you that the only enterprise class
virtualization out there is VM Ware, but I am here to tell you that
Citrix is a contender.  Not only is it a contender but it is
growing in features and in acceptance.  Citrix XenServer is
actually the World’s largest Internet Facing Virtualization
environment, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).  Because the
foundation of XenServer is built on the open source Xen, there is
lots of opportunity for developers to to build upon the feautres
and functionality of the product.  One such features is Everun by
Marathon Technologies.  The product will allow you to even unplug
the server that your primary node is running on and the transfer to
the secondary server is so seemless that if you were running XenApp
on the server your end users would never even know that they
swicthed to a different server.

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