Why are you still using tape to handle backups, disaster recovery, and business continuity?

Quick poll, how many of you still own a VCR and still use it
regular?  Most of you are using DVD / Blu-Ray or streaming it over
the Internet.  So why do you hold your data backups in the prisons
of tape?

There are a great deal of solutions out there that are disk
based and store your data in a secure spot in the “cloud.”  But why
settle for just backup when anyone can provide that?  How much
better would a total solution that covered recent backups, disaster
recovery and business continuity be for your company?  Our solution
at Strickland Networks is called TotalProtect because it keeps you
protected in all of these three categories.


An initial backup is done and then
continuous incrementals follow behind.  The first destination of
backups is to local storage at your site.  That can be a Strickland
Networks recommended NAS device or your own storage.  The next
destination for your data is off to our data center.   There, the
base image plus 1 month of your most recent data is kept.

Disaster Recovery

Let’s assume worse case scenario,
your entire office is destroyed by an act of nature.  Strickland
Networks can virtualize your most recent backup sent to our data
center and help you make changes to allow you and your company to
keep working remotely until a new physical location can be found
for your office and new equipment purchased.  Then we’ll help
transition back to the new hardware – all with minimal

Business Continuity

We’ve all heard the horror stories. 
Or maybe you’ve experienced it first hand.  Your Server RAID has
failed beyond repair, memory fails and the parts are out of stock,
CPU’s over heating … whatever the issue, with TotalProtect you
have the ability to turn your backups into a running virtual server
or do a bare metal restore to new, dissimilar hardware.  Your down
time is now hours, not days.

Read more here.  http://bit.ly/SN-TotalProtect,
or call (817.224.2020) / 
today for more information.   

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