Cool Features in Windows 7

Here’s a list of some of the Cool Features in Windows 7:

  • AeroShake – Hover your mouse overt the title bar of your active window, left-click and then shake your mouse.  All inactive windows disappear.  Shake again and everything comes back.
  • Switch through documents with ease – Windows 7 groups all windows by type, for instance all open word documents will appear under the Word icon, all open email messages will be grouped under the outlook icon.  If you hold the CTRL key and click with your mouse on the document icon, each click will change the document will window to the next document in the order that you opened them.
  • Use the windows shortcut key to move documents between multiple monitors.  If you click the Windows key + Shift + Right arrow, your active window will move to the right monitor at the same relative size it was before you moved it.
  • Also, Click the Windows button plus the arrow keys to auto-resize your active window.  Windows + up maximizes the window.  Windows + left sizes your window to take up the left half the screen.  Great for viewing docs side by side
  • The new calculator app has been given a dose of steroids.  It now includes the following modes: standard, scientific, programmer, statistics, unit conversion (temperature, weight, area, time).   It also has built in mileage, mortgage payments, lease payment and date calculations.

These are just a few of my favorite Windows 7 features.  There are many other cool new features of windows 7 including Jump Lists, Peeking and librarires.

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